Bay Area Personal Organizer who Can Help You Feel More at Home

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So you’re looking to improve the mechanics of your home? MLE can help you find extra hours in each and every day by simply re-tooling life systems at home. Just ask our clients.

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Moving Help with Heart

Moving huh? The task at hand can feel daunting. How do I sort through all my stuff? Will it all fit in my new place? How will I get it there? How am I going to have time to do all this!!  MLE Insights understands that you are busy enough in your day-to-day life without the added stress of having to organize and pack your entire life into boxes. We love helping folks prep for their move.

If you’re a little backlogged, we can help you get through all your belongings by organizing and editing so things are lighter and tighter on move day. We will create a realistic timeline, so you feel like you know what needs to happen, when, and why.

Whether it’s a big or small move, we know you’re tight on time and any extra errands or research can be stressful. We can also help:

  • take donations to your favorite organization
  • ensure packing supplies magically appear at the right time
  • provide experienced folks for packing
  • coordinate with your mover

We understand that everyone’s life is unique so we customize moves to meet you where you’re at. MLE Insights is here to Makes Life Easier.

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Settling In

You finally found the right place and the movers are scheduled to get you in the door, but we both know you won’t feel settled till the last box is in the recycling bin. If you’re ready for the moving process to be over, but the task of unpacking is still hanging over your head, don’t worry. MLE Insights is here to help!

Just as you hired professionals to move those boxes, you can hire us to unpack and set up everything. We can:

  • unpack all of your boxes in 1-3 days
  • set up and organize your new abode
  • create systems for your day-to-day stuff 

We will organize your new home in a way that will make life simple and productive. From the kitchen and bathroom to bedrooms and closets (even your garage and play area!) we will thoughtfully find homes for all your things.

By allowing us to handle the physical unpacking and the critical thinking to make it all work, you are free to accomplish all the other tasks.  Pick out gorgeous paint colors. Get to know your new neighborhood! What MLE Insights is really offering you here is time, and who couldn’t use more of that?

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The Small but Mighty Organized Apartment

San Francisco is an amazing place! You’re close to the ocean, the mountains, and wine country. You also have the world’s best restaurants, jobs, art galleries and more at your fingertips. And while San Fran does have an abundance of things to do, one thing that’s probably missing is a plethora of space in YOUR apartment.

Have no fear – MLE can help you maximize your space so your tiny sanctuary can make a big impact!

  • We’ll help you set up systems NOW so that you get in the habit of staying organized in your smaller space. Just think, if you can master the art of organization in your humble flat, imagine how amazing you’ll be when you move up and onto bigger and better spaces?
  • Once upon a time you lived in a dormitory. Clearly, you have MADE it in cramped quarters—and you probably learned some tricks while you were there (does the term bed on cinder blocks ring a bell?). You’ll feel great after your crash pad feels like the adult abode it should be, rather than a dormitory.

I want a mighty tidy apartment!


Organizing Closets and Storage that Fit Your Life

Most magazines and television shows are concerned with selling the look (you know, the pretty picture part represents the after part of the organization process.) With MLE Insights, we’ll start at the beginning:

  • We’ll discuss your daily routine.
  • We’ll help you take a look at your belongings—to help you see what truly deserves space in your current life. Probably there are some things that are no longer you.
  • And then we’ll help you execute meaningful storage ideas for how you actually interact with your clothing, shoes, and accessories.

In fact, we helped one client re-tool her closet, and in just one short 3-hour session we helped her find an extra 30 minutes each morning for meditation. That’s an extra 10,950 minutes a year just to meditate. Read more about our closet organization story.

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The Joy of Organizing in your Kitchen, Pantry, and Entryway

Whether your specialty is boxed mac and cheese, and microwave brownies or you’re a regular chef du cuisine, MLE Insights provides a recipe for success when it comes to creating and restoring order in your Bay Area kitchen.

  • We’ll talk about the kitchen tools you use daily, and help them find a home where you’ll always have them right at your fingertips.
  • In your pantry, we’ll help you pare down items, removing expired cans and food that you will never eat; and we’ll make the best use of your space so that using your cupboards is easier to swallow.
  • If you are in the Bay area, and blessed with a fab entryway (that’s awesome, by the way!), we’ll help you find space for bags, jackets, and sneakers (and everything in between)—so it’s ready to go when you are. Even if you don’t have a dedicated space for your outerwear, we can help you find a home to hang your hat.

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Rest Assured: We have Bedroom and Bathroom Organization Covered

Perhaps you want to tackle that guest room that’s acting as a storage space? Or maybe your bathroom doesn’t have the right flow? Whatever your needs, MLE Insights can help you streamline and organize your bedrooms and bathrooms so you never lose sleep again.

  • In your own boudiour, we believe the right stuff is better than lots of stuff. We also believe proper shut-eye every night is tres important. We’ll make sure you have a space that makes it easy to both sleep, and dream.
  • When it comes to kids’ bedroom organization, MLE Insights lives and breathes kid-friendly spaces (by that we mean, easy for your kids to pick up the space.) We’ll help you and your children sort through toys, organize by use, and make it simple for your children to pick up their toys in five minutes or less! We’re serious.
  • Is your stuff an unwelcome guest in your guest bedroom? MLE Insights will empower you to uncover the why behind why you’re holding onto your stuff, and help you clear out the clutter so you’re clear for guests.

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Organizing your Basement and Garage: Let’s Get Down to It

Unfortunately, basements and garages get the brunt of your stuff. They become dumping grounds for everything from outdoor equipment to old clothing and toys you don’t use to unfinished projects that you can’t seem to finish.

We’ll help you face your clutter dilemmas in your basement and garage, and get you set up with systems that keep these areas tidy.

  • MLE Insights will assess your basement and/or your garage to determine how you envision using these spaces. Perhaps you would like to rekindle a love of woodworking? Or create a man cave or craft area.
  • We’ll help you go through all of your stuff, purging, donating, selling and reusing along the way so we know exactly what you have and what you need.
  • If you live in an older home where basement moisture is a problem, we’ll find a better place to store keepsakes.
  • As a team we’ll set you up with systems that fit your daily routines and activities that don’t break the bank. Lots of times, we’ll re-use storage systems that you already have.

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Playroom Organization that puts the Fun in Functional

Do you ever feel as if your kids’ toys are planning a takeover of your home? We get it. We have helped dozens of clients (big and small!) sort through their toys, and set up play areas that can be cleaned up in five minutes or less, while the kids help!

  • As a team we will separate toys into what’s played with the most, what’s played with only sometimes, and toys that your child may have already outgrown.
  • Depending on their ages, each kiddo plays with items differently—we’ll think about this, and set strategies for play zones that fit your unique family.
  • If you’re dealing with toy overflow, MLE Insights will equip you with an easy system so you can rotate (and every day/week/or month will be like Christmas!)
  • We’ll get your kids into the mix so that they feel as if they are a part of this new system.

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