Congratulations, You’re An Adult!

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If you’re like most of us, you couldn’t wait to become an adult. Now you have a life that’s all your own. But sometimes maybe you wonder why the whole adulting thing is harder than you thought it would be?

We get it: we have all been there. And even though we can’t solve all your problems, we can help you make a few small changes to make adulting a little easier.

I Need Help with My:


Making Goals and Sticking to It

45% of us make New Years resolutions. 25% abandon them by the end of the first week in January. The problem really isn’t the ability to set goals. It’s setting goals that we can all stick with. MLE Insights can help you with the sticking part.

  • We’ll talk about what you’re doing and feeling when you’re at your best.
  • Together we’ll identify goals that will help empower you to be your best self. Note: we’re going to be realistic! For example, if your goal is to learn how to ride a Rhino in a week, we might steer you towards tackling your debt (which is the real monkey on your back!)
  • Time is important: so we’ll set a timeline to help you set milestones. Where will you be one-month; two-months; 6-months; and a year from now?
  • Next, we’ll define how you’ll reach your goals.

Go for the goal!


Budgeting 101

Admit it: you hate the word budget. There’s something about it that is just so constricting. At MLE Insights, our goal isn’t to limit you, but to free you. Imagine having freedom from debt? And more freedom to use your money to do the things you have always dreamt about? We can help.

  • We’ll take a look at your income so you know what’s coming in.
  • As a team we will also explore your expenses—those that are fixed, and those that change month to month.
  • You have your priorities, and we’ll help you define them. Once we figure out what your priorities are, we’ll talk about trimming.
  • We’ll set parameters to help you spend consciously—and live consciously.
  • Ultimately, after working with MLE Insights, you’ll have a solid foundation laid to start working with a financial planner.

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Time Management: Hello Time? Where have you Been All My Life

Look, we get it. There are things that will always be out of your control eating up your day: meetings, phone calls, email, that guy who keeps showing up in your office to go on and on and on about something you could care less about.

Our time tamers will work one-on-one with you to help you distinguish between what actually needs your attention, and all the other stuff that’s just a distraction.

  • We’ll give you simple techniques to help banish distractions. It’s actually easier than you think.
  • Our time technicians will help you set up strict workable guidelines for work time.
  • We’ll help you tame your email and paper flow so that they don’t cut into your day.

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