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“I had the pleasure of working with Emily on a very stressful office move. We were moving from an office we had been in for 10 years to a virtual office, so it was especially difficult because all of our employees were already working from home in different states. There were a lot of moving parts both figuratively and literally. Additionally, I had a lot of important deadlines and I was leaving the country on a business trip immediately afterwards.

Emily was amazing. She came into a very chaotic situation, and she immediately made a plan for the whole job, and made me feel comfortable working with her right away. She summed up the situation quickly including everyone’s personality and how best to interact with all of us. She always had my best interest in mind, suggested many ways and systems to save money, worked with integrity and mindfulness, and was absolutely fabulous. She organized the entire move of 2 offices and a storage closet, lists of what ended up where, maximized my time so that I could work during the whole process and completely put my mind at ease. She also provided extremely practical solutions for systems moving forward without an office and helped troubleshoot some of the new systems we would eventually put in place.

I highly recommend Emily. She is great at what she does, and brings integrity and grace to every project. But above and beyond what she did logistically, Emily is extremely loyal, and brings a very high standard of ethics. I couldn’t have done it without her and we became friends in the process. My new name for her is “Emily the moving angel”

“Thanks to MLE Insights, I have found more space both physically and mentally! They helped me create systems that work. Now, instead of having lists and lists of things to do, things just get done. It’s almost automatic. There is so much less clutter, that I was able to drop my cleaning person from twice a month to once a month. I have more time – and I’m saving $150 a month!” – Steph M.

“Emily was a delight to work with and put me at ease. She was professional while respecting my process. She kept me focused and on track. I was impressed with her strategic thinking and how much we got done. At the end, I felt very motivated! – C. Johnson

“My closet was in disarray. After working with Emily to organize my closet, I save an amazing 30 minutes every morning. I can’t tell you what a difference that makes in setting the tone for my day. Everything is so “peaceful” now! I get up at the same time I always have, but now can sit on my porch with a cup of coffee and start my day with serenity” – N. Clark”

“MLE Insights was hired to help me get settled into my new home after a cross-country relocation. Not only were the initial goals met, but they took the new home organizational process to a higher level without being prompted to do so. Thanks for making a new start easier!”

“MLE was incredible! I felt overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done, but MLE was not. She came in and seemed to know right where to start, and helped me organize my house to fit my life, and it is actually functional now. I am glad I went with her. My life is simpler because of it!” – Elizabeth A.

“When I was trying to figure out a new business move, Emily at MLE Insights was the perfect fit in helping me decipher all my ideas. I had become so overloaded with my thoughts that I could no longer see the big picture. Emily listened to me, read my plans, and was able to get me back on track … she organized a to-do list that she kept me focused on and before I knew it, I was handing out business cards.”

“Sometimes it is difficult to re-organize or organize. MLE’s help was greatly appreciated. By including someone else in the process, I gained prospective and true insight into some of my patterns.”

“Thanks to professional organizer extraordinaire Emily Anderson, my yoga and training gear has never looked so good. Feels like I have a brand new studio!! I was nervous to tackle this project and it was a challenging experience. However if you are craving a more aesthetically-pleasing, efficient, nurturing living or work space, I highly recommend her!

“Emily offers all the efficiency and smart problem solving you’d expect from an organizer, perfectly balanced with good listening and a peaceful, calming energy. She’s a breath of fresh air. I had a wonderful experience – and my office is functional again!” – Amy G.

“Emily is an outstanding and professional organizer. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. She helped me transform how I perceive my spaces and created systems of organizing that will always be useful. Highly recommended!” – Alec